"Discover the world of PROTO, R5 Looks at Group N costs"

Discover one of latest Rallying sensations. Where attractive looking cars are powered by cost effective Mitsubishi EVO X rally technology. Now available at Heuvel-Motorsport 

The Concept of proto Cars

R5 looks and Group N costs are the base of the cost effective PROTO rally formula. The endless building possibilities in which the technical Mitsubishi parts are fitted in any bodyshell of any brand wanted are providing a wide range of possibilities and variety in car models. 

The Heuvel-Motorsport PROTO cars are builded according to latest safety regulations. Only high end safety, performance and building parts are used. 

Jim van den Heuvel - Jouri Dockx - Fiesta Proto

Fiesta & EVO X

Our Proto cars are based on a Fiesta bodyshell combined with the reliable technique of an EVO X.  The bodyshell has been made to house all of the EVO X running gear. Both, bodyshell as rollcage are in perfect accordance with all FIA Safety requirements. 

Next to the Fiesta, there are more possible bodyshells to use. For specific options or needs please contact us. 

Main Specifications of the Fiesta proto: 

  • Mitsubishi EVO X engine, 300HP
  • 33MM Turbo restrictor
  • Drenth 5-speed sequential gearbox with special Ratios made for the Proto
  • RalliArt VO EVO X LSD's
  • Proflex shockabsorbers
  • Full EVO X R4 suspension 
  • Motec / Heuvel-Motorsport ECU
  • Heuvel-Motorsport diff controller with special Proto programs 
  • Tilton pedal box
  • K&N Airfilter
  • Gems display
  • Carbon interior, lightweight dashboard
  • Aluminum alloy sumpguards 

Price & running costs

The buying price of a brand new Fiesta Proto is set on €140.000 ex V.A.T.
Its running cost is €15 per stage kilometer. 

Price difference between Fiesta Proto & R5 Category Car

in above figure the price of a Fiesta Proto is set on €140.000. The price of an R5 Category Car is set on €230.000

Running cost difference between Fiesta Proto & R5 Category Car

In above figure the running cost of a Fiesta Proto is set on €15 per stage kilometer. The running cost of an R5 Category Car is set on €50 per stage kilometer

Buying possibilities 

Next to buying a complete, full spec Fiesta Proto Car we also give people and teams the possibility to build Proto's theirselves. As there are many Mitsubishi EVO X Group N & R4 cars available we have decided to offer packages with parts needed to build a Proto.
We developed four packages in which various conversion possibilities are given. 

Here under are four buttons, a click on them will open an PDF file in which the full list of parts and prices is shown. For extra informations, remarks or questions: Please contact us. 

Next to buying a complete car or a conversion pack, Heuvel-Motorsport can also convert your existing car into a Proto car. In this way you will have to buy the wanted conversion pack + a fixed amount of labor needed to convert the car. For more info about conversion possibilities please contact us. 

FAbrication & Building 

As shown on below pictures our Proto cars are builded to very high quality standards. 

Partners & PArts

In order to obtain both, performance as reliability it's vital to use the best parts available on the rally car market. 

Homologation Process

First established in Poland the PROTO class is getting more publicity and therefore more countries and ASN are interested in taking the class to their countries. In our country we worked together with our ASN to establish a Cup to let the Fiesta Proto drive during all Dutch Rally events. The Dutch regulations can be found here under. 

For Sale

Go to our For sale page to check our current Proto cars for sale! 

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